How to organize watch collections

There are variety of watch storage organizers which can be used to organize your watch collections and protect it from getting damage. If you are looking to have such storage organizer, below tips will be helpful in that case.

Material Quality :

There are variety of material like velvet, leather, plastic box, card board box,etc. are used for making different types of watch box organizer.

  • Plastic / Cardboard: Storage organizer made up of this products are generally used by offline stores who are selling single or set of two watches.
  • Velvet : Organizer made up of velvet are used by showroom to give as a complementary for storing your premium watches.
  • Leather : These are storage boxes generally made up of Faux Leather, it is not a genuine leather, but it will look similar to that. It is less expensive than genuine leather so it is most popular among common man who are looking to store their premium watch collections. In Indian market most of the manufacture makes these product in Genuine Leather as well but on order basis due to its high cost.
  • For more details on quality of genuine leather Click Here 

Leather Storage Organizer additional details:


  • 5 & 6 Watch Organizer : It is most popular among couples who doesn't have long watch collections, but they use to organize their couple of watches so that they can use in some ceremony or any other function. Due to its small size it can be placed inside cupboard or also can be accommodated inside a bag while travelling. If you are using transparent organizer make sure it is kept on top surface of baggage.
  • 8, 10 & 12 Watch Organizers : It is most widely used product among young generation who are having watch collections for every formal or casual occasions. It's medium in size and can easily be accommodated inside cupboard or baggage.
  • 20, 24 + Watch Organizers : These products are mostly used in corporate companies who deals with watch supply. They are generally used to give this products as a complementary to their clients.

Tips to protect your leather storage organizer :

If leather products are exposed to moisture then fungus may cover the surface of leather products.

So it is necessary to keep the products in dry condition specially in rainy season.

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